What Will You Do for Protection Against Ebola?

Dear Friends,


Sitting on other side FEAR

What will you do for protection against Ebola?


Consider purchasing  Hazmat Suits (Hazardous Material) or  Ebola Protective Suits. However, if you are unable to access that kind of protection, here are some ideas  on how to protect your body and your environment in the event Ebola strikes your  neighbourhood/community/workplace. Try to set aside what you can from now. DO NOT BE IN DENIAL. DO NOT PRETEND NOT TO KNOW. Timing and speed are critical in preparing for a crisis. With each hour, preparation time is running out.

As you review the list, think about the quantities of each item you will need, in order to cover each member of your family and the length of time you wish the item to last. Remember, if you do use these items, you will need to dispose of many of them after use, so for some you will need back up supplies.





Cheryll Messam,  loves people and is committed to taking action that will result in individuals and groups creating a better life for themselves.  She is also a Life Coach, Alumni Professional in the higher education sector and a committed Christian. Wisdom at Work is her personal blog through which she writes on any topic for personal expression as well as to inform, encourage, and uplift her readers.  As a Life Coach, Cheryll supports professionals who wish to develop their capacity to lead themselves (self-mastery) to desired outcomes, despite disappointment and setbacks; as well as lead others, by improving their leadership behavior. To learn more about Cheryll’s Life Coaching services you may visit her company website at www.youinmindjamaica.com.

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